Web Content and Creation

Your website is an extension of you energetically.

It is your global calling card to attract and hold someone’s attention.

Once you’ve attracted someone to your website you’ll want to make a connection with your words, what you say and how you say it.

Part 1.Content creation- review your content keeping these questions in mind:

Are you speaking to the right audience?

Are you using language and tone to match your audience?

How are you telling your story?

Is your message clear?

Is it easy to navigate and find information on your site?

Content Creation

Part 2. Design -involves color layout and user experience. Upgrading and using more modern templates creates more user friendly experiences. The colors you use are critical to attract your desired clients while expressing your personality.  It’s a delicate balance that requires some artistic and technical expertise.

This is an example of what can go wrong with a website design.

I know a Marketer who had a successful business website and changed it because she met someone who convinced her he could design a better website. He delivered what he promised a website that was good technically it had all the bells and whistles. However it was missing the energy of the business owner. When she sent out invitations to visit the new site not one person responded. She immediately had to hire someone else to redesign a website with her color choices and her words. The response to this website was hundreds of visitors.