Building Your Bridge or Taking a Leap of Faith


“We are what we think… All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.”

– Buddha

What does it take for you to attract and step into the life you want?

When you demonstrate the life you want, you’ll attract it back toward you.

Granted, you can’t just leap from your life into your dream life in a single step, but you can build the bridge that enables you to cross over in the shortest possible time.

Start out with some conscious actions and do them consistently every day. These actions become habits and help you ingrain new thoughts and attitudes into your subconscious.

These new thoughts and attitudes are the ones that will attract your dream life. They make up the mindset that requires you to act in accordance with the life you want.

  • Do you desire financial freedom?
  • Could your relationships use some more passion?
  • What about your physical self – are you satisfied with your body?
  • Do you feel joy and happiness in your life? Do you want more?

You can make all these things happen! All it takes is a commitment to consciously create the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you want to bring into your life and the follow-up actions to make it a reality.

Conscious living, just like living in the moment, involves being aware of what’s around you and choosing to make the most of what you’ve got, but it takes things a step further. Conscious living brings in the added factor of making certain choices that can bring you the life you desire.

Conscious living is living on purpose. You choose how you want to live your life and then live that way.

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