Awaken Wellness Fair brings together Holistic health healers, teachers and speakers

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It was the picture of the Lion on the book that drew my attention and I got close enough to read the title “Get out of your Cage”, needing more explanation, the Author ,Simone was  telling me  the purpose and meaning of the book when  a candle on her table was picked up.

Shifting her attention to Jennifer and Edwardo she greeted them and encouraged Edwardo to sample the soy candle wax which he did, applying it to his hands and face.

“I love myself “it was an unexpected reaction from Edwardo, then Simone, responded “I love myself”

The next sixty seconds was an improvisation comedy routine between the two.

“I’m fantastic!” I said, joining the other three voices…” we’re the Fantastic Four; we’re energetically connected with awareness and consciousness”

Dissolving into laughter we then introduced ourselves.

Edwardo was one of the Speakers at the Awaken Wellness Fair held at the Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC.

Jennifer is a Holistic Nurse and Reiki practitioner they were both representing The Center for Self Development.

We were standing with Rev. Simone Lord. On her table, were her Soy Candles, Teas and Books.

The Wellness fair brought together healers, readers, teachers and speakers covering a wide range of Holistic and Alternative health modalities.

I met Keisha Christian and lingered over her display of handmade crystal jewelry. Beside her was Phillip with bottles of Nutrilite vitamins/supplements, a brand I was familiar with…I told him how I was introduced to herbal supplements and now rely on them to maintain my health.

I have found the Holistic health fair is a great way to introduce these services and products to the public.

It draws people in to touch and feel,  get up close to hearing and seeing and experiencing Reiki, essential oils, meditation in bite-size portions. These strategies to inform and educate the public about different modalities are crucial for them to be accepted by the mainstream.

Holistic health modalities offer alternative ways to eliminate the cause of some health problems rather than trying to treat the symptoms. So, for example if you are suffering from indigestion it makes more sense to eliminate the foods that are causing the problem than it does to take medication after the pain starts. Holistic healers are looking to heal the whole body, and therefore it is believed that first you stop doing the things that are harming you, and that applies to the body, the mind or the spirit.

Over the past sixteen years I have integrated these health modalities to my personal healthcare. Now this is not to be used as medical advice or recommendations. This is purely descriptions of the more common alternative health approaches being used today by more Americans.

BD1 Reiki

Reiki is a healing art that uses the body’s energy to begin and further the healing process.  It is performed by using one’s hands to follow a specific pattern of massage, to stimulate energy movement throughout the body. Reiki healers, who are specially trained to perform the healing massage, do not touch the client and the work is done sitting or lying down wearing comfortable clothing.

Be sure to come back for my next post as I continue the discussion with aromatherapy and essential oils.

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