I’ve known Ms. Ewan for eight years; we met at PS 87 in the Bronx. We started off trying to come up with ideas of raising funds for our school and helping the children of the school at the same time, Ms. Ewan was very supportive during the process of trying to raise money for the school. While at the same time she created a happy atmosphere for the children. Ms. Ewan has a strong devotion to helping others in need; she is a strong leader with an insightful mind. She give’s people determination to go forward and help one another achieve greater standing in life. She has great listening skills and she can comprehend the main ideas of what people are saying. I feel it’s a great honor to be considered as one of Ms. Ewan’s friends.

Jaine Matthews, Bronx, NY

Having Beverly in my life has truly been a BLESSING. I feel as though I knew her all of my life, but it’s only been a few years. Beverly is quite a power. She walks softly but carries a big stick. Her many concerns are in health, community, education, reading literacy, women issues, empowerment and so much more. She has assisted and supported me on many projects. When planning my projects she is one of the first people I go to. Beverly listens, offers a calm but positive energy, simplifying and focusing on the need. The words I use to describe her are serene, knowledgeable, achieving, empowering, wise, genuine, honest, sincere, personable, and thoughtful. She is all this while successfully managing her family and household. Thank you Beverly for helping me to discover my personal jewels.

Betty Stallings-Murray
Mother, Grandmother, Author/Illustrator, Community Activist,
Founder/ Director Spirit Of Sisterhood Inc.