100_1007A quiet creative force, Beverly Ewan synthesizes her extensive business background with her knowledge of Spiritual Methodologies to shape and create her new consultancy company: The Wholistic Marketer.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Beverly studied International Banking at College of Arts, Science & Technology. Her first job was with National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited.

In 1980, Beverly moved to New York, received an Associate degree in Marketing from New York City College of Technology and continued her banking career with Banco Central, in Brooklyn, N.Y. strutting her creative juices, she transformed the sterile, lackluster office into a thriving space. By introducing team building strategies and creative problem solving, Beverly infused her joy and knowledge to foster friendships and celebrate personal growth. The result: office work became more efficient, fewer mistakes were made and customer service improved significantly.

In 1996 Beverly’s 19-year Banking career came to an end when she was diagnosed with an eye disease. She dived into Complimentary, Alternative medicine (CAM) by taking classes in Qi Gong, Feng Shui, Essential Oils and Numerology. This new direction was the catalyst for her to work with local community groups and to apply the virtues of Holistic Health to her own body and to support others.

She went on to work as a literacy tutor at P.S. 87, Bronx, and the PTA/Leadership team to apply business principles for measureable results. She started a PTA magazine to increase communication with parents and encouraged teachers & students to engage in fun writing projects. Beverly also collaborated with businesses, and social agencies for the school’s first Health & Community Fair providing information and education to parents.

In 2008, Beverly conducted a money management workshop “Young, Fly & Broke: A D.I.V.A.S money management guide.” for teens at Dewitt Clinton High School. The guide included a step-by-step process to encourage parents and children 8-12 to begin the money conversation.

Trained as a Life Skills Coach by Life Skills Institute, Wilmington, NC, Beverly also edited manuscripts for aspiring writers and raised funds for The March of Dimes and Soft Power Health.

As co-founder of Bronx Wholistic network, Beverly facilitated workshops on fitness, health & wealth topics, and served on the organizing committee of Body Sculpt of New York to implement a fitness & wellness event. She also sat on the Advisory Board of Edenwald Community Center where she assisted with fundraising and outreach programs.

In 2016, Beverly became a certified Holistic PR & Marketing Consultant with Founder, Andrea Adler and currently consults entrepreneurs, business owners and creative freelancers to connect their vision with the lifestyle they desire.

Beverly lives in Bronx, New York